2020 E-commerce Trends

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Stay updated on your business strategy with the most significant trends around e-commerce.

E-commerce industries have been at their peak in this era. It’s a boon to us as to how this whole industry works and functions for our welfare. The trends and the features in this industry change from time to time. Different multinational companies explore retail and technology to give their customers and business partners the best. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, the e-commerce division has worked efficiently and accurately, yielding huge profits. It’s on the pathway of acceleration, for the least to say!

With new features of streaming live or showcasing one’s products just by sitting at home, we understand how the internal businesses have changed according to the current situations. Features like Facebook shops and Instagram stores have helped and benefited many sellers and buyers in recent times. More than a trend, e-commerce is turning into a necessity for small and large scale manufacturers.

To understand these new customizations of the e-commerce department, Scayver Graphix brings you seven roundups of successful e-commerce trends for 2020

Facebook and Instagram Shops.

Facebook shops

Amidst quarantining, Facebook declared its new feature to create a space of its own in the e-commerce world by creating Facebook shops. It’s a more simplified yet effective version of an online store that works with the aid of Facebook or Instagram apps.

The best part about this app is that it is developed in such a manner that it can perform in any given platform on any device. It’s that user-friendly. All you need to do is customize the app according to your desired results, like the colors, layout, templates, titles, or themes can be adjusted according to your need. It will create a specialized shop for your personal use and build your business’s online presence.

Instagram Templates

 can attract more future customers as they look incredibly quirky yet give out a severe brand image of your product. If you are new to the term Instagram Templates do not forget to check out the designer-generated Instagram templates that help take your e-commerce business to another level!

Offline to Online

Who could have ever imagined till this year that the e-commerce industry would take such a giant leap and progress to this extent that, right now, it’s the only prevalent industry working and making profits more than any other industry! Digital shops have given-in much encouragement to the small-scale traders and provided them with the best of the results.

E-Commerce proved to be the most convenient and accurate way to either perform a business or get a business transaction for specific goods or services. People are rapidly shifting from offline to online stores. Not only the traders but their clients too. Brand marketing is done appropriately, and also, the sales reach has increased. It’s super convenient and easy to perform, and besides, brands have also started events like live streams and live events or fashion shows to fulfill the void of in-person, one to one connection between the brands and their clients.

Video Content Boosting Conversion

Due to most of the services or products’ online presence, the clients often look at the reviews before purchasing anything. As per the research, 62% of the customers watch or read product reviews before making any purchase, and 84% of the people get convinced by watching a brand’s product video. Much buzz goes around with videos like unboxing and review related video content. People find it feasible to watch and buy before investing in something.

That’s why many brands have lately started venturing to duo lingo promotional videos for their customers from various regions. This kind of video content is very engaging and knowledgeable to watch.

Technology and e-commerce

It’s undeniable that we see very functional products and features in 2020. The brands are getting smarter and are also working for a better customer experience every time any old or new client reaches out. There are some technologies which aid the e-commerce world, which can bee is seen as follows:

Voice Commerce

There has been a sensation that voice tech would be the significant help we would get in the upcoming years. Google Home to Amazon’s Echo to Apple’s HomePod, voice technology, and voice-inbuilt retail shopping would be a biggie in the coming years. One could shop online through the voice assistant; how cool would be that! It’s something on which we should keep an eye on.

Augmented Reality

Many areas of marketing and e-commerce have taken over the term Augmented Reality. Well, what does that mean? AR or VR gives the customer a real-life experience of visiting any store or shop by just sitting at their own house. It is the ability to enhance the virtual shopping experience of every individual. Due to the rapid changes economically and environmentally, AR would be the perfect solution for giving the customers the best experience, which can be enjoyed by just sitting at their home or workplace. Let’s see how potential and capable these big brands are actually to execute something like that.

Diversity and Inclusion

All the brands should have a diverse and inclusive approach in their products. The marketing techniques should also be customized and diversified according to the development and region it is dealing with. The brands should break the generic image of a particular product and brand and advertise the product or service so that it shouldn’t look stereotypical rather than create some fresh perspective and uniqueness in the client’s mind regarding the product.

The diversity and variety of new ideas related to the brand’s image bring in a lot of effort and creativity. However, with that, it also creates a sense of relatability and homeliness towards the brand. They will eventually increase the sales of the brand and creates a buzz in the market. Style and chicness of a brand are essential, but more importantly, a brand imparts any strong and right message through its product. They create a good social as well as a commercial image of the brand.

Sustainable e-commerce

The trend of e-commerce also brings in the concept that no matter how small or big the brand is, it should be sustainable. The goods should be organic and high-quality to use, and most importantly, it should not be harming any of our ecological conditions. If all the companies start looking toward sustainability with profit earning, the worldwide issues would rapidly go down. It would also be for the benefit of customers and the company, and virtually the environment to incorporate all the facets of sustainability from collecting the raw material to its delivery. Everything should be eco-friendly with zero waste and 100% renewable energy. All these factors are complicated to get, but if one starts trying these things diligently, it would be impossible to achieve sustainable e-commerce.

More Demand for Mobile Apps

At last, we have seen this in recent times that mobile applications tend to be more user-friendly than web browsers. The increased demand for mobile apps is because it is less time-consuming and more efficient to use than any of the other platforms. As a result, all big and start-up brands have started developing their mobile apps. It boasts an online engagement and sale percentage remarkably. The multinational companies have begun developing their apps to run on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and blackberry. These apps can work wherever you want at any desired time.

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