Help us Promote Scayver Graphix & Get Rewarded !

Get paid when you refer a friend to Scayver Graphix

As a brand Ambassador you will participate in our missions and promote Scayver Graphix through your social media accounts to let all of your friends and followers know about us!

How will I be rewarded?
Gift Cards
Reward Points
A lifetime discount of up to 15%

01. Unlimited commissions

You can get generous commission for recommending our industry-leading solutions.

02. Free marketing assets

Free promotional materials including banners, videos and sales copy.

03. Detailed statistics

You get access to all your referral statistics so you are up to date with how much you earned.

04. First-click attribution model

Benefit from the “first cookie wins” model and enjoy 120 days of cookie life

05. Intuitive Dashboard

Easy-to-use dashboards to launch, manage and monitor campaigns

06. Cash & Point Rewards

As soon as your links convert you’ll be credited with your referral commission, ready for the next monthly payout.

Easy to use dashboard

Our dashboard gives you a quick and easy way to see your total referred pageviews, recent referral subscriptions, and a graphical overview of the plan distribution. 

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