Completely Custom Websites for Your Medical Practice
An engaging and easy-to-find website is key to attracting new business and building patient loyalty in today’s competitive healthcare market. Whether you’re an orthodontist, dentist or specialized medical provider, Scayver Graphix’s secure website designs will make your practice stand out from the competition.
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Attract and Retain Patients
If your potential patients are searching for their healthcare services using computers, phones and tablets, are they finding your website? Is it modern enough to make a good first impression? Is it secure? And will it make them want to be your patient?
Always Available
As mobile and tablet browsing begins to eclipse desktop computing, everyone from small clinics to large hospitals are building device-agnostic experiences through responsive design. Our content strategy involves thinking about and researching how your current and potential patients will interact with and advance through the website. Then we design a mobile-first website, ensuring that everyone has a seamless experience on all devices, set up geolocation so that the nearest clinic or office is easily found, and we continue to A/B test our solutions to obtain the optimal performance.
Always Attracting
Our medical and healthcare industry websites lay the foundation for ongoing marketing, patient retention, and ongoing customer attraction. Our process helps establish and solidify your brand identity, substantiate an online presence, and optimize your content for targeted keywords and phrases. Although you won’t compete against Mayo Clinic or WebMD, you will appear in local search results and branded keyword searches. This means your professional, optimized website (and the content you’re producing and promoting) will appear in front of more potential, local patients when they’re at the most impressionable stages of the patient journey.
Always Accessible
There’s a lot of red tapes and legal hoops to jump through in the healthcare industry—especially when you’re marketing a clinic, practice, or emergency center online. Our strategists, UX designers and writers all not only adhere to best practices but also put patient security and ease-of-use at the very top of our priorities when building and creating content. We also ensure your appointment requests and patient forms are up to HIPPA regulations and the entire website is AA compliant with WCAG.
Our custom medical packages includes a full range of features to ensure your medical practice website runs seamlessly and provides a best-in-class user experience for your patients.
Secure Websites
Your patients expect you to keep their personal information safe, including any information they submit via your website. Our SSL certificates provide a layer of security and protection across your entire website. Having a secure website means that your content and any patient information captured through your site is safeguarded against threats with the best encryption technology. Whether filling out an online form, requesting an appointment, or making a payment online, your patients will feel confident knowing that they have a secure connection with your website.
Simple Website Editing
Keeping your website updated is stress-free with user-friendly editing tools, such as drag and drop page elements and in-line editing. Plus, you get access to a library of professionally written, specialty-specific content. Or if you prefer, get unlimited content edits with our website support package. Either way, you can have a constant flow of fresh content that will improve your search engine optimization and encourage patients to routinely visit your website.
Responsive Design and SEO
Patients are increasingly using their smartphones and mobile devices for online research—so a responsive, mobile-friendly website design is a must. Our custom websites give all visitors an optimal viewing and user experience, regardless of screen size. Having a mobile-friendly website design can also affect where you rank on search results. To help you outrank your competitors in online search results, our websites are created so that when they go live, they are already primed for search engine visibility. We make it easy to edit key SEO website properties on your own.
Ongoing Online Presence Management
Effective online presence management (OPM) is an essential component of a comprehensive marketing strategy. We are proud to offer our clients best-in-class OPM services. We work with practice owners and CEOs to coordinate all of your marketing strategies and optimize the reach and success of your marketing campaigns.
Online Reputation Management
Patients are online looking for information about you and your practice, so it’s important that your happy patients leave reviews. Intrado’s TeleVox solutions such as Doctor Reviews and online presence management help healthcare providers create a positive reputation and strong online presence.
Custom Forms and More
Online forms make life easier for both patients and providers. Add forms to your website by choosing from templates such as RX Refill Requests or Medical History, or create your own forms with our easy form builder. Stand out from the competition with a practice blog, custom surveys, an integrated event calendar and more.
A Webpage to Suit any Specialty
While there are countless specialties in the field of medicine, there are two things all practices have in common: 1) the desire to improve the lives of their patients and 2) boost the profits of their business. Our talented project managers, designers, writers, editors, developers, and quality control teams have a wealth of experience building customized websites in a variety of healthcare categories. Whether you’re looking to wow with a completely custom website for your orthopedic practice, want to spread sleep medicine knowledge through the installation of one our patient libraries, or are looking to improve your online payment portal – Scayver Graphix is your one-stop shop for seamless custom medical website design.
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