Meta Releases Voicebox A New Text-to-Speech AI

Alain Dorcelus

Meta has developed a groundbreaking generative AI model for speech named Voicebox. This technology performs various speech generation tasks including editing, sampling, and stylizing, even those it wasn't specifically trained to do, thanks to in-context learning.

Voicebox is capable of producing high-quality audio clips, editing pre-recorded audio such as removing unwanted background noises, while preserving the content and style of the audio. Moreover, it supports six different languages.

Versatility and Audio Quality

Future applications of Voicebox and similar AI models could revolutionize numerous areas, including giving natural voices to virtual assistants, aiding visually impaired individuals by reading out written messages in familiar voices, and providing creators with easy-to-use tools for audio editing.

Potential Applications

Voicebox boasts numerous capabilities including in-context text-to-speech synthesis, speech editing and noise reduction, cross-lingual style transfer, and diverse speech sampling, enhancing its potential for real-world applications.

Advanced Features

The development of Voicebox represents a major advancement in Meta's generative AI research. The company anticipates continued exploration in the audio space and is eager to see how other researchers build upon their work.

A Significant Step

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