OpenAI has recently unveiled two exciting developments: the GPT Store and the ChatGPT Team Plan.

Alain Dorcelus

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research lab, has recently launched the GPT Store. This platform helps users find different GPTs, which are AI models that use machine learning to generate human-like text. The store features over 3 million GPTs, all of which have been created by the community.

The GPT Store is organized with diverse categories, a trending leaderboard, and selections that have been handpicked. This makes it easier for users to find and select the GPTs that best suit their needs.

In addition to the GPT Store, OpenAI has introduced a new ChatGPT Team Plan. This plan costs $25 per user per month with an annual subscription, or $30 per month with a monthly subscription. It includes a shared workspace and user management tools, making it a suitable option for teams.

OpenAI has also started rolling out personalization and long-term memory features for ChatGPT. These features allow the AI to remember information from previous chats and improve its performance over time.

The launch of the GPT Store and the upcoming revenue program are expected to bring more attention to community-built bots. The new personalization features will also enhance ChatGPT, making it a more adaptive and user-specific assistant.

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