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01 // About Scayver Graphix

We are a Web Design & Digital Marketing Company in South Florida.

Our team of marketers and innovators, armed with exceptional technological and design proficiencies, stands ready to bring extraordinary capabilities to each project.

Professional talent

Our agile teams, comprising individuals with varied backgrounds and expertise, collaborate harmoniously to produce exceptional digital experiences encompassing brand strategy, web development, and digital marketing. Our life’s work is exquisite design; it is not merely our area of expertise.

Driven by passion

Our dynamic methodology guarantees that your organization does not spend the entire day mired in spreadsheets or email chains, but instead concentrates on expansion and achievement. Permit us to revolutionize your organization’s growth with our array of automation tools tailored to the requirements of digital marketers; it will enable you to expand at an unprecedented rate and with enhanced efficiency.


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Satisfied Customers
02 // Services

Our spectrum of services.

Our agency operates at the vanguard of the sector, merging proficiency and outstanding aesthetics to provide results that distinguish your organization from rivals. Regardless of the scope or financial constraints of your undertaking, our utmost dedication is to aid you in developing a cost-effective website that precisely fulfills your requirements.

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03 // Case studies

Check our latest project.

Our work is self-explanatory! Establish a distinct identity and gain a competitive edge by developing a customized, expert website that not only embodies the substance of your brand but also attracts a substantial number of site visitors.

04 // Easy to start

Start in 3 simple steps.

Our Professional Services group is well-prepared to assist you in accomplishing your goals, whether they entail a meticulously crafted website or consulting for marketing support.

Step 1

Book a Consultation

Schedule a call with us to discuss your goals and the services in which you are interested.

Step 2

Get a proposal

Get a detailed proposal for your project. To proceed, please evaluate and sign the proposal.

Step 3

Set up your portal

We'll work with you to set up your portal, get design comments, create a long-term marketing strategy.

05 // Why Choose Us

We believe in creativity and consistency.


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Client Satisfaction


Awards and Recognition


Scayver Graphix occupies a leader’s position among other eminent website and mobile application development firms, maintaining a position of distinction in the industry.


Expect transparent and understandable communication from the start to finish of your web design project. We are committed to guaranteeing your long-term online success with our request-based web maintenance services after your project has been launched.


We have dedicated ourselves to delivering delight to entrepreneurs through our comprehensive digital marketing solutions since our inception in 2008.

06 // Awards

Recent design awards.

We are ecstatic to announce our achievements as the preeminent web design firm in the state of Florida. Our exceptional performance has not only garnered acclaim but also established our position as a frontrunner in our field. Our community expects nothing less than our highest-quality creations, and we are extremely enthusiastic about crafting those one-of-a-kind moments for you.

07 // Let's bring it all together

Everything for one low monthly Cost!

Say goodbye to paying for various services and start enjoying all you need at a single, affordable monthly rate! Our one-stop subscription provides access to all the tools necessary to operate your business effectively without hitting your wallet hard.

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Google Ads

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Website Hosting

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Email Marketing

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Social Media Management

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Event Management

08 // Testimonials

What our happy customers are saying about us.

The recent wave of design recognition has inspired a joyful surge of passion among our team members, fueling a common drive to push our creative boundaries even farther for our users. It’s more than just acknowledgement; it’s a clarion call to inspire, imagine, and provide experiences that transcend the everyday.

09 // Latest News

Our resources are designed to give you insights.

We have developed resources that offer expert-level, high-quality insights to assist you in becoming an industry leader.

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