What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is different from general SEO in that it requires a smart and tailored approach.

Local search engine optimization is a subset of search engine optimization that focuses on making a website more visible in local search results.

These efforts include content creation, on-page improvements, and link development, all with a regional focus.

Local SEO That Helps Customers Find You First

Our team of specialists will create a local SEO strategy that works to increase your foot traffic & business.

Google My Business

Optimize your Google My Business profile strategically for optimum exposure on the local search engine results page and within Google Maps.

Local Optimization

Search engine optimization that is specifically targeted at your community's audience. Through keyword research and sophisticated on-page SEO, our local SEO team drives customers in-store and online.

Local Citations

Your local listings should be fixed, created, and cleaned up. Local directory listings (citations) are important for local search optimization; our staff will list your company in all of the relevant directories (over 50) to increase your visibility.

Schema Markup

Although English is a wonderful language, we can assist you with translating your website's content into a language that search engines can comprehend. Our local SEO team uses schema markup, a coding language that tells search engines exactly what your online content is about.


We offer affordable local SEO services to help small local businesses see growth in their community. When you use our services, you can expect to see the following results:

Higher Rankings

Put your website at the top of Google’s search results when someone searches for a product or service you offer.


Greater Footprint

As a small local business, you want to spread brand awareness to your target audience as much as possible! Local SEO will help you do that by exposing your website to people who are searching for what you offer in your area.


Lower Acquisition Costs

See a huge increase in your website traffic and in-store traffic without spending advertising dollars. This will cut your acquisition costs down!

Why is local SEO important?

Local SEO includes an organic strategy as opposed to paying for advertisements. It also usually results in a bigger flow of organic traffic to your website. Both of these factors save you money in the long run, making a positive impact on your business at very little cost. This process ensures you reach more clients and continue to grow within your community even with a limited budget. Need to expand? We can help.

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Local SEO packages are intended to assist small companies that service a specific geographic region (city, county, or state) in gaining visibility on search engine result pages. Local SEO services serve the demands of company owners by assisting them in utilizing all of the resources supplied by search engines, as well as improving organic search engine ranks through technical and content optimization tactics.


/ Month


  • Up to 15 Keywords
  • Up to 5 Web Pages
  • Bi-yearly Link Outreach
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Per User / Month


  • Up to 30 Keywords
  • Up to 10 Web Pages
  • Quarterly Link Outreach
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All Local SEO Packages Include Link Development

Every SEO campaign can benefit from search engine friendly link development; however, the link-work must be based on proper preparation in the form of linkable (useful) content available for linking.

Ranking Reports

After a keyword list has been established and approved by the client, we will generate a baseline ranking report to determine our starting point. This ranking report will be followed by monthly or quarterly reports to track the progress of the SEO campaign.

Local Business Listing

Whether a business has a single location or multiple, our local SEO campaigns include the creation/optimization of local business listings on services such as Google My Business, Apple Maps, and Facebook.

Competitive Analysis

Every business has competition, so we will work with you to identify and study the toughest competitors and develop an SEO action-plan to create a level playing field so that your website can compete successfully.

Title & Meta Tag Optimization

Titles and description meta tags of all pages selected for optimization will be reviewed and rewritten as necessary. The development of new titles will be based on initial site rankings and the keywords selected for the SEO campaign.

Schema Markup

For certain industries, and when necessary, we will research and implement the proper schema markup. Schema is a data markup tagging mechanism developed by a consortium of search engines to help them better understand complicated data.

Content Review

As new non-SEO content is generated by the client, we will review all such content and advise on improvements and also contribute with text optimization and internal linking recommendations.

Content Writing

Content writing is an important component of a local SEO campaign as the process of rewriting of existing content, as well as the generation of new content (and pages) will help search engines better understand the relevance of a website to given list of keywords.

Google Analytics Installation

In order to track the traffic generated by SEO activities, and help optimize conversions over time, we will install Google Analytics on your website to facilitate this portion of the campaign.

Advanced On-Page SEO

In additional to technical SEO recommendations, our optimization process incudes on-page optimization which develops optimized headings, as well as content improvements and the development of a strong internal link profile.

Keyword Research

Proper keyword research is the most fundamental part of content optimization (different from technical SEO). We work closely with clients in order to develop the most appropriate keyword list for their business. Local SEO campaigns differ from national and international ones in that they are required to be highly focused on delivering and converting local customers. There are two main components of local SEO services are: The proper completion and management of local business listings such as Google My Business. The On-site optimization based on carefully researched and selected keywords which should have obvious intent on part of the searcher.

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