Whether you’re looking for a professional website design, or need a hand with marketing, our professional services team can help you achieve your goal. We build, maintain, and promote your website using ready-to-use SEO and online advertising strategies.

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It's Our Business to Understand Yours

We provide the best way to manage your online presence. Your new website will be entirely unique to your company. Tell us what is special about your business and we’re dealing with everything else.


Web Design

Our custom websites are designed using the newest trends and techniques for a unique site.

Digital Marketing

We will build a digital marketing solution tailor to your business to usher in more sales.


Our website maintenance and security services will keep your site safe, reliable, and running smoothly.


Your brand is what people think of when they think about you. It’s influenced by your values, your products, your marketing, your customer service.

Build for your Users

Put the needs of the site’s users first. If you don’t know what users’ needs are, ask them. As a user-centered digital marketing agency, this principle is the foundation of everything we create. That explains why booking a session with you is our first priority before everything else.

Build with a Purpose

A great website is designed with intent – to achieve a set goal. While a website should be visually appealing, it also needs to be built with a clear view of its most important goals and conversion points. Moreover, it needs to put into consideration how the website will support users on their journey toward realizing the set goals.

Design for Discoverability

Did you know? According to multiple reports, only 10% of websites generate organic traffic. A website must be designed in such a way that people can find it. This starts with visibility to search engines. A good site should be technically optimized and built so that there are relevant, engaging landing pages where the users can understand the nitty-gritty of your business. Likewise, it must compel them to take the right actions.

Build For Speed and Excellence

Solution for screen-based products

Wildcard Cerficate

Encrypt the connection between your server and visitors to safeguard personal information, e-commerce transactions, sensitive data, and more.

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Speed Optimization

Get a better score on Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix or Pingdom and run your website at light-speed.

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Global CDN Enabled

Get fast page load speeds and improved server utilization, We serve your images from our lightning fast content delivery network for our fastest load times across the globe.

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Ensure Security

We protect your websites from attacks with daily scans, automatic cleanup, malware removal and a real-time website firewall.

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Custom Login

You can change everything from your login page including error message whether it is on login form, forgot password form or register form. You can easily change your logo image, update title text, add links, customize the sizing and spaces etc…

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We frequently check to see if you have any new images that need to be optimized and take care of them for you.

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We provide the best way to manage and grow your online presence.

With a variety of search engine marketing services that drive new perspectives, we boost the visibility of your website on Google. You can rely on statistics for each campaign with real-time reports on your web traffic, SEO performance, each lead submission, and call recordings.

Web Design Solutions For Every Business

Industries We Served

At Scayver Graphix, we’ve worked on hundreds of websites within a wide range of industries. Our expertise allows us to quickly understand the intricacies of your products and services, helping you save time, money, and headaches.


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