Our social media expertise combines analytics, content, and design to develop customer trust and loyalty through compelling social experiences.

Did you know? 54% of customers use social media to research products, while 71% of satisfied customers are likely to recommend your business to others. At Scayver Graphix, we have the mastery of a useful social media marketing strategy to boost your brand awareness and help you to dominate the market.

However, it’s not whether you’re on social media or not, it’s how well you do it. Social media is your business card inviting new visitors to your website. That’s why it has an indirect yet powerful effect on your SEO. And with the social media marketing tools available at our disposal, you have got nothing to worry about when it comes to implementing your social media marketing plan.


Social media is a powerful tool to reach your customers. To begin with, social is everywhere and vital to the daily lives of millions of people. It’s also an increasingly important part of growing and engaging your business. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok,  YouTube and LinkedIn, there are countless channels (and opportunities) out there. But most businesses have yet to see their full potential on social media. That’s because most businesses don’t have a solid social strategy in place or proper processes for measuring results.


Help you grow your business effortlessly


We will present a comprehensive report summarizing your campaign’s performance each month
We Utilize scheduling insights to ensure your content posted at the optimal time that your target audience will be online to interact with your content. We will also build personal relationships with your audience by being prompt, authentic, and understanding.
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