Our social media expertise combines analytics, content, and design to develop customer trust and loyalty through compelling social experiences.

02 // social media marketing plan

We conduct thorough research to determine where your customer base is most active online.

Our social media marketing programs are tailored to target these specific channels in order to effectively connect with your desired audience and drive sales for your business. Our thorough market research ensures that your social media marketing plan will effectively target and attract the right audience, ultimately increasing your business’s reach.

Bringing Profiles up to Date

There are many standards and practices these days with social profiles that need to be kept up to date. Yours are currently more appropriate for the way the platforms were 3 years ago.

Growing your Audience

Using Facebook's unique targeting, we can pinpoint fans of golf in your area, of competing golf courses, etc. This will encourage more potential users to 'Like' and 'Follow' your pages and profiles.

Engagement plan

As you grow, you'll get comments, questions, and more. It's absolutely vital to ensure these are responded to in a timely manner. This is the kind of response that generates goodwill, sharing, and more. We'll work with you to "find your voice" as a company, so we can respond in a suitable way.

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Our team takes care of managing and monitoring responses, strategically focusing on the most successful tactics. With our expertise in social media marketing, we can help you make an impact on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to attract new customers for your business. Let us determine which platform will generate the best response from potential customers for your specific needs.

Did you know? 54% of customers use social media to research products, while 71% of satisfied customers are likely to recommend your business to others. At Scayver Graphix, we have the mastery of a useful social media marketing strategy to boost your brand awareness and help you to dominate the market.

However, it’s not whether you’re on social media or not, it’s how well you do it. Social media is your business card inviting new visitors to your website. That’s why it has an indirect yet powerful effect on your SEO. And with the social media marketing tools available at our disposal, you have got nothing to worry about when it comes to implementing your social media marketing plan.


Social media is a powerful tool to reach your customers. To begin with, social is everywhere and vital to the daily lives of millions of people. It’s also an increasingly important part of growing and engaging your business. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok,  YouTube and LinkedIn, there are countless channels (and opportunities) out there. But most businesses have yet to see their full potential on social media. That’s because most businesses don’t have a solid social strategy in place or proper processes for measuring results.

03 // communication and monthly brainstorming

Integrate Social Media Activity into Other Marketing Plans

With clear communication and monthly brainstorming meetings, we’ll be able to consolidate the marketing initiatives to fit your goals and promotional material.

Campaigns via social media are more important than just sharing about giveaways, sales, contests, and/or promotions. We will agree on a schedule for a series of posts to keep up the exciting momentum for all prospective customers.

Social Media Profiles Management

We understand that talking to different audiences as a person might be difficult for ACME Corp. That’s why our social media profile management service will handle many of your social media profiles and communicate with millions of people through different platforms at the same time.

Content Creation and Posting

Our social media management package includes content creation that would engage your audience. We know that creative content creation plays a key role in establishing the company's identity. That’s why our social media management strategy will never compromise in content creation and regular posting.

Sustained Monitoring

It is important to regularly maintain marketing activity for maximum growth. We will continually monitor each channel and will respond to any questions, comments, and posts within a two-hour time period. Two hours will allow us to confirm that accurate information is relayed back to the person asking.

Let's discuss your Web Design Digital Marketing 
Social Media 

we create tailored strategies for brands by combining data analytics, market research, and advanced digital technology.

04 // Help you grow your business effortlessly

We will present a comprehensive report summarizing your campaign’s performance each month

We Utilize scheduling insights to ensure your content posted at the optimal time that your target audience will be online to interact with your content. We will also build personal relationships with your audience by being prompt, authentic, and understanding.


Project Completed


Years Experience


Client Satisfaction


Awards and Recognition


Since Scayver Graphix is an industry leader within the space, Scayver Graphix is excited to team up and tackle the challenge of improving their current social media standings.

As you know, successful social media marketing is the best way to get noticed. In my research, I discovered that {{}}’s current primary social media strengths include: timely responding to comments, and creating clever content to engage with the current follower base.

The current weaknesses  Scayver Graphix will work to improve are as follows: the use of more consistent promotional campaigns, the use of photo marketing/infographics, and using analytics to demonstrate effective social media marketing.

By analyzing the current successful marketing trends, such as the use of keywords, creating interesting infographics, and interacting with the audience in a fun and professional manner will be useful ways to get started.


From our discussion, we’ve agreed to follow a social media marketing strategy to ensure a consistent presence through each important channel. Here is what we guarantee on a daily/weekly/monthly basis:

Daily Responsibilities Weekly Responsibilities Monthly Responsibilities

One relevant LinkedIn Article Share 10-12 Engaging Twitter posts per week 3 YouTube Videos per Month Respond to any/all engagements from follower base 1-3 Instagram Uploads Marketing Reports 5-8 Facebook Actions Social sharing [Client.Company]‘s blog posts Share at least five relevant articles within the industry to demonstrate further credibility.

05 // Creation of a content calendar

In order to keep the entire team on the same page, we’ll create a content calendar. That’ll help us to keep the smooth content flow.

We are someone who not only handles your social media platforms but we also successfully market your brand on various social media networks. We’ll ensure to capture your target audience’s attention with attractive social media advertising. This will definitely make a difference in your sales…



Project Completed


Years Experience


Client Satisfaction


Awards and Recognition

Analytics and Data Reporting

We’ll analyze the results of your social media strategy regularly so that you can keep in touch with your fans and audience.

  • Which of ACME Corp’s profile is performing better than the other?
  • What ACME Corp’s competitors are doing?
  • Are they using any different strategies?
  • Can we something other than what they are doing?
  • How my target audiences are responding to the posts on ACME Corp’s social media posts?

We’ll cover all such questions with strong analytics and detailed reports while ensuring you understand easily. Our reporting format will be on a monthly basis.

Reputation Management

Our social media professionals will obtain all the queries of your clients on your behalf and meet their needs according to your business-standard. We’ll ensure to maintain ACME Corp’s reputation on priority before actually starting to post and create brand awareness. 

Influencers Outreach

The rising trend nowadays is to advertise the company through those people who have a better fan following by compensating them by a fair amount for the activity. Our social media marketers have a good network of contacts that will allow us to promote ACME Corp through channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Video Production

At Scayver Graphix we’ve expert video producers who will engage your audience with attractive and informative videos that can be played on any device and platform be it YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

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07 // Latest News

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