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Your brand is what people think of when they think about you. It’s influenced by your values, your products, your marketing, your customer service.

Build Your Brand Architecture

At Scayver Graphix, We can help you explore your brand architecture. It’s an exercise we have a lot of experience doing. We’ll help you create a brand persona that fits your market, products, and audience. We’ll take a holistic look at your house of brands and tie them together with our logo development process and brand architecture analysis.

The brand identity design process from start to finish

Whether you need a logo or a more comprehensive system, my identity design process works the same way.


The Brief

After you contact us about your identity design project, We’ll be in touch to get an overview of your needs. Together we’ll determine the scope and timeline for the project.


We’ll work up several creative options for you—smart solutions that make sense and are a great fit with the parameters we’ve established in the discovery phase of the identity design process.


Depending on the package you selected, we will compile all of the work and the brand plan we produced for your branding into a concise guidebook for reference, execution and company wide training.


In this step, We’ll provide a questionnaire to help you clarify the unique attributes of your brand. It’s sort of like a personality test for your company.


From among the concepts presented, you’ll choose the best idea to focus on. Then we’ll refine it through a few iterations until it’s just right.


Depending on the package you selected, during this stage we will take the brand plan and all the assets produced and launch your new brand.

Introducing the new trend

Our logo creation process will help your business look professional, and we’ll also work with your company (or companies) on creating an effective brand architecture strategy to make your brand consistent and recognizable across all channels.


Identity is the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds.


Branding is the effort to influence this perception. You can’t control what your neighbor’s mom might say. But you can do your best to make the right impression. Thus, Scayver Graphix offers top-notch branding services that give your business the uniqueness you crave for.


Logo is the strongest point of recognition. It doesn’t have to tell the world everything you do. It’s a quick tag or identifier.

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