Web design

Your website is your digital face. It’s a rare spot on the internet where you can transmit your brand’s message, completely unaltered and distraction-free.


Web Design

Your website represents you to the world and influences the decision to do business with you. Do not expend time and resources on making something that appears pretty, but doesn’t support your objectives. Our team at Scayver Graphix believes that your website may be an instrument of success for your business. To get the results you want, we apply design strategies focused on increasing the growth of your business, making your website more aesthetically pleasing while also acting as a successful conversion tool.


Design for your users

Give priority to user needs. If you're unsure what your users need, ask them. This tenet forms the basis of all we do as a user-centered digital marketing business. That's why we need to book a session with you before anything else.


Design with a purpose

A top-notch website is built with a specific aim in mind. It is crucial for a website to seem appealing, but it must also be constructed with a clear plan for conversions and key objectives in mind. It also needs to think about how the website will help visitors meet their goals.


Design for discoverability

Websites must be constructed in a way that makes them easy to find. This begins with search engine visibility. A well-made site needs to be technically optimized, so that your user base can get the information they need to make informed decisions. It should encourage them to make the right decisions.

Global CDN Enabled

Get fast page load speeds and improved server utilization, We serve your images from our lightning fast content delivery network for our fastest load times across the globe.

Free SSL

Encrypt the connection between your server and visitors to safeguard personal information, e-commerce transactions, sensitive data, and more


We frequently check to see if you have any new images that need to be optimized and take care of them for you.


We protect your websites from attacks with daily scans, automatic cleanup, malware removal and a real-time website firewall.


Speed Optimization

Get a better score on Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix or Pingdom and run your website at light-speed.

Custom Login Page

You can change everything from your login page including error message whether it is on login form, forgot password form or register form. You can easily change your logo image, update title text, add links, customize the sizing and spaces etc…