Automattic introduces Jetpack AI-based writing tool for WordPress. 

Automattic introduces Jetpack  AI-based writing tool for WordPress. 

Jetpack, a well-known WordPress add-on, has introduced an innovative feature that integrates OpenAI’s content creation technology directly into the WordPress editor. This allows writers to easily generate content within the WordPress publishing process they are familiar with. The option for both free and paid versions are available.

Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, founded Automattic – a software development company that is responsible for popular plugins and platforms such as WooCommerce, Tumblr,, and Jetpack. The company is actively involved in contributing to different open-source projects, making their plugins a primary option among users.

Powered by OpenAI

WordPress has been experimenting with a sophisticated writing assistant since the beginning of 2023. Although the official declaration did not explicitly specify the involvement of OpenAI, Automattic has verified to SearchEngineJournal that the latest plugin is indeed driven by OpenAI.

 Jetpack has unveiled their latest software add-on, the Jetpack AI Assistant, which is tailored for publishers to act as a writing aid. This groundbreaking plugin showcases a conversational interface resembling an instant messaging interaction, live in the WordPress editor.


Effortless Writing

Writing content is no longer a tedious task, thanks to the Jetpack AI Assistant. You can effortlessly articulate your ideas in a conversational manner, akin to texting a friend. If you are acquainted with ChatGPT, the Jetpack AI content generator will come as a natural second option.  

Creating captivating titles and summaries has never been easier with the help of flexible writing tones.

The AI content generator offers a range of selectable writing tones, referred to as Adaptive Tones, which allow you to change the writing style according to your needs. Whether you prefer a formal, informal, optimistic, humorous, serious, skeptical, empathetic, confident, passionate, or provocative tone, the choice is yours.

Creating compelling titles and summaries can be a tedious task. However, with Jetpack’s AI plugin, these writing chores are taken care of seamlessly. The AI content generator provides a variety of adaptable writing styles, called Adaptive Tones, that enable you to customize the writing tone based on your requirements. Whether you desire a formal, informal, positive, funny, grave, doubtful, compassionate, self-assured, enthusiastic, or stimulating tone, the decision is yours.

Composing engaging headlines and summaries can be a monotonous job. Nevertheless, Jetpack’s AI plugin effortlessly handles these writing duties. 

Translation of text content and correction of spelling errors.

Jetpack’s AI Assistant offers an effortless way to translate content by enabling users to select their desired language, thus automatically translating their content in the editor. Moreover, the plugin’s spell-checking and grammar correction features are extremely helpful in ensuring polished and error-free writing. 

How much does the powerful content generator cost?

You can begin with 20 free requests from Jetpack. After that, it costs just $10 per month for those utilizing the WordPress CMS. Additionally, users can presently access the Jetpack AI Assistant for free on all websites, but only for a restricted time. Keep in mind that the pricing may be altered in the future since this is a trial function. 

Discover 5 simple methods to effortlessly streamline your writing process with the Jetpack AI Assistant.

1. Generate personalized content
With its conversational system, Jetpack AI Assistant allows you to communicate naturally with it. Just input a prompt like “Please create a list of must-see places in Tokyo” and observe how this amazing tool constructs an interesting and enticing article. It only takes a few seconds to produce detailed pages, well-structured lists, and complete tables. 


Transfer the file to the /wp-content/plugins/directory.
Enable the plugin by accessing the ‘Plugins’ option in WordPress.
Configure the OpenAI API credentials.
Set the desired parameters for temperature, maximum tokens, best of, and frequency penalty.
Navigate to the content writer section.
Provide a title, such as Tesla Electric Vehicles.
Indicate the number of headings required, such as 7.
Click on the generate button.
Save the generated content.


A tutorial on creating an API key for OpenAI is available.

To take advantage of OpenAI’s GPT language model, the AI Power WordPress plugin has been developed. It can help provide your website with high-quality content, images and forms. The plugin offers various features to improve website content, such as a Content Writer, Auto Content Writer, Image Generator (DALL-E and Stable Diffusion), WooCommerce Product Writer, Audio Converter, and customizable capabilities for writing style, tone, and image generation. The plugin also has 43 languages available and includes a Playground for testing. It can even train chat bots using your content and products. Additionally, you can design GPT based forms and prompts for your website.


The Benefit of Using Jetpack. 

If your goal is to find a content creation tool that is designed specifically for WordPress, the ideal choice would be the Jetpack AI plugin. It smoothly integrates itself into the WordPress editing process, removing the necessity of transferring content between various applications through copy-pasting.

Affordable and Feature-Rich 

The WordPress content generator plugin costs only $10 per month, which is 50% cheaper than ChatGPT. There are no restrictions on the number of requests you can make, making it an economical option. The Jetpack plugin’s free version offers up to twenty recommendations, with all features available for use. If users require high-volume requests and priority support, they can upgrade to the paid version.

 Utilize Jetpack’s Artificial Intelligence Assistant now. 

Get a taste of the Jetpack AI Assistant’s capabilities by testing it out yourself! Take advantage of the offer for 20 free requests and discover the potential it has to offer. Subscription for generating top-notch content with ease will cost only $10 every month after. users can avail this exclusive chance to use the Jetpack AI Assistant at no cost, for a limited duration. Mind you, the Jetpack AI is still in the experimental stage so keep checking for future pricing updates.

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