Did you know 94% of women actively engage with brands online?

  • Influenster’s survey of more than 11,000 U.S. women found that 94% actively engage with brands online, 31% do so daily, and almost all of the respondents reported engaging with a brand on at least two social media platforms.
  • The study, ZD Net reports, also found that 90% engage with brands on mobile phones compared to 53% on laptops.
  • Respondents preferred photo posts (93%) over videos (58%) and GIFs (27%), and 95% reported just “liking” social media posts for engagement with 61% stating they also included comments.

Dive Insight:

When it comes to social media marketing, knowing your target audience well is the best thing a brand can do to get the most out of their efforts. That means knowing when and where to post, and what constitutes engagement from your followers.

In terms of social media platforms, Instagram led the pack for an engagement at 81%, followed by Facebook at 79% and Pinterest at 56%.

One result from the research that marketers should find promising is 67% of respondents “somewhat” to “strongly” liked promoted posts on social media platforms, an indication the popular ad format isn’t necessarily viewed negatively by a large majority of women. However, this research is in contrast to a past study that shows younger consumers don’t want to see brand posts as they scroll through social feeds. And though launching a native app might not be the best move for all brands, Influenster’s research makes the idea seem more appealing.

Another interesting result was brand apps were visited more often than brands’ social media pages and even websites, and brand-specific apps were cited as being more assessable than brands’ websites by 83% of the survey participants.

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