Instagram features you should be using for your business

It can be difficult to keep up with the current marketing trends and Instagram features, especially when it seems as if new ones are added every day. However, with over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, therefore you should be using it for your business regardless of whether you can keep up.

Instagram has become “the new home for brands” and the most popular social media network, with more than 25 million businesses utilizing it for business and more than 200 million users viewing at least one company profile every day.

Businesses can benefit from Instagram features since they allow them to enhance their visibility and reach a broader audience. Every business wants their Instagram account to get seen. The more individuals that are aware of a company, the more likely it is to succeed.

Want to learn more about how to use Instagram features to improve your business’s account? Then have a look at what you should be using instead!

Streaming Video
Because, well, it’s life, the live video function is a little different than a standard Instagram video. When a company posts a live Instagram video, all of its followers will be notified that the company is now broadcasting live video content. They can then click on the message they received, which will link you to their video and allow you to participate. Followers can then interact with the live video in real time by commenting or like it. The video, however, will disappear once you’ve finished watching it and will not be saved to their account.

A business can benefit from using the live video functionality by advertising a new product launch, demonstrating a product in use, or even hosting a Q&A or interview.

Need some pointers on how to make your company’s live video the best it can be?

Make a plan for your video’s structure (who, what, when, why, how)
Promote the video ahead of time (so that your followers have time to see it and don’t miss it)
Make it interesting (Keep your followers watching)
Take high-resolution video (A high-quality video will keep your followers engaged)
Hashtags are words that are used to describe anything.
Using hashtags on Instagram is still a highly efficient approach to increase the number of people who see and engage with your photos. A single hashtag in an Instagram feed post produces 13 percent higher engagement than a post without one. There’s no doubt that Instagram has changed a lot in the last year, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that hashtags are still the most effective approach to reach new audiences.

Instagram’s Stories feature is quite similar to Snapchat’s; users may upload video clips to their tale, which is available for 24 hours until it vanishes. Within 24 hours, your followers can watch your company’s story as many times as they like. Stories will appear at the top of your followers’ feeds as a little circle.

When you shoot a video on Instagram, you can capture up to 15 seconds of content. You can post an unlimited number of stories to your feed, which benefits your audience by allowing them to see who you are and what you have to offer without having to read a lot. After the 24-hour period has passed, you’ll monitor and track the total amount of views your story has got, as well as the users who have viewed it.

Advertisements with a Story
Instagram story advertisements are a popular ad format for Instagram marketers, and they may be used on any account with a business profile. The adverts appear in the middle of material published by users you follow and, if well targeted, can have a significant impact. Instagram story advertisements are part of Facebook’s advertising network, but they’re not the same as ordinary Instagram newsfeed advertisements in terms of setup. Because there are no other platforms that are equal to their placement kind, you can’t run them alongside any other active ad set. There isn’t an easy solution around this because these advertising have different technological needs than conventional ads.

Filters are a type of filter that is used
Did you realize that the Instagram app alone has over 40 filters to pick from? When you’re sharing new Instagram videos or photographs, you can use these. You’ll want to keep your material constant as a business to retain your brand image and style.

Using Instagram filters allows you to express yourself and create photographs that will appeal to your Instagram audience and help you grow your brand. It saves you money on expensive photo editing software when you can get the same results with free Instagram filters, plus it’s so simple to use!

Multiple Instagram Accounts to Manage
Instagram has now made it possible for users to move between numerous profiles on the same device. The method is simple, and you can add up to five accounts. This allows Instagram marketers, digital agencies, and organizations to manage several profiles without having to log out and back in manually.

Instagram highlights icons are a series of circular icons that appear beneath your profile information. The fantastic thing about Highlights is that you can now add your story to a Highlight symbol as soon as it is published or within 24 hours of it being published. Like Instagram stories, you can see who has seen your highlights and how many people have seen them. This will give you a sense of how many people are watching your highlights and which ones are performing better than others.

Unless your profile is set to private, everyone can see your Highlights. However, in order for a business to be successful, it is always recommended that they maintain their profile public, which allows your Highlights to remain visible.

Hashtags and profile links are included in the bio.
You can now include hashtags and profile links in your Instagram bio. But how can this help your business?

Including a hashtag or a link to your profile in your bio might help you showcase your brand’s interests and connect with a larger audience. If your company specialized in footwear, for example, include #Footwear or #Shoes in your bio will help you stand out.

Emoji Slider is a tool for displaying emoji
On Instagram, there’s a new and exciting way to communicate with your followers. You can use the emoji slider to ask questions and interact with the crowd. The advantages to a business are that when launching a new product, for example, you can ask your Instagram audience what they think in a fun way.

This can provide you with an accurate depiction of what they think and how they rank a new product, as well as positive or negative comments.

When posting, the emoji slider is simple to use and needs little to no effort from your audience. No one has time to give feedback in writing these days, therefore you’ll discover that your followers are far more willing to give feedback with just a click of a button. It’s a great technique for your company to increase overall audience engagement.

Sticker with Questions
You now have a method to improve your relationship with your fans. The question sticker is a fun method to get people involved and ask questions that your company can answer. This is a convenient way for your followers to get the information they need without having to go to your website or write an email.

Icon of Shopping
The shopping symbol is a new Instagram feature that makes it easier for users to buy products directly through the platform.

It will then allow you to tag the post when you post a photograph or video about a new product or broadcast a wide range of tasks. This allows your followers to click on the post and see all of the product’s details, including costs. They will select to checkout once they have done seeing the merchandise, all without leaving Instagram! Using the shop icon will highlight your products while also allowing you to use your Instagram feed to generate additional sales.

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